Java Footwear PTY. LTD
Trading as Taipan Footwear

Address: 40-42 Swanston Street,
VIC 3072

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Who we are


Taipan Footwear maintains a close rapport with their customers. Taipan pays special attention to customer requirements and the performance of its products. Our General Manager, Mr Terry Swain, stays in touch with market progress. Terry Swain is frequently in contact with Taipan customers to discuss their requirements and feedback.

Taipan Footwear manages a customer feedback operation. Customer feedback forms are reviewed by our Quality Assurance Manager to maintain and improve quality and the customer service. Hence our non-public sector customer base increasing annually by 10% or more. Taipan places a high priority on customer service, a high priority on supply performance, and a high priority on product quality. Our objective is 100% Satisfaction with quality and service.

The Management team are required to give 100% effort in all aspects of footwear manufacturing and distribution.   All members of Management are available to help with any enquiry or requirement any customer may have.

Emergency services throughout Australia and South East Asia aren’t the only ones which would benefit from our range of footwear.  People working in industrial areas can utilise our footwear to protect against fire, water, oil and for their slip resistant qualities.  Safety toe caps are available in our full range of styles. If you have special needs, we are willing to adapt our products.

Our history

In 1962 Highmark Shoes was established by Bill Allender, who spent the previous 40 years gaining valuable experience in footwear design, development, manufacturing and management.

In 1962 Bill began manufacturing boots in his garage at the rear of his Preston home.

Bill’s Son, Russell, soon followed the family tradition and became an apprentice to his father.

That same year, due to increased production, Highmark Shoes began renting premises in Plenty Rd, Preston.

By 1972, Russell had taken over the helm and was producing a small range of safety boots to the Australian Standard AS/NZ 2210-2 along with ankle boots for industry and the Department of Defence.

In October 1996 The Company moved to a factory in Swanston Street Preston to bigger premises which enabled a much more efficient operation. Since then, Taipan has been manufacturing footwear at their Preston, VIC location.

DDR® (dual density rubber)

Taipan ® became the first company in the world to install a Main Group machine that could produce the revolutionary DDR® (dual density rubber) moulded soles. Taipan ® produced a range of footwear under the Taipan ® label, including combat style footwear, safety and non-safety footwear, work boots, Emergency Service and smelter boots, patent leather ankle boots and shoes.



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