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Direct Injection Sole Rubber Moulding.

This rubber is unique to the emergency services. The nitrile foam low density mid soles are lightweight and have outstanding shock absorbing qualities with cushion comfort that allows the sole to flex for maximum ground contact. The high density, hard wearing nitrile rubber outsoles are designed to provide maximum slip resistant qualities with increased surface contact for maximum traction for positive grip and extended boot life.

Our unique tread pattern does not retain stones and dirt.

  • DDR® helps to prevent plantar fasciitis,
  • DDR® reduces feet and leg fatigue,
  • DDR® reduces strain on the lower part of your back and knees.
  • DDR® can stand high temperatures up to 300◦C without losing it’s technical properties.
  • Rubber has longer shelf life, resistance to hydrolysis.

Unlike PU soles that have a shelf life, DDR will never break down. DDR soles are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, a natural product.

The Taipan Comfort System combining the extreme comfort of the nitrile rubber mid sole together with the superb comfort and shock absorbing quality of a Poron innersole guaranteed to retain 85% of its shock absorbency for the life of the boot.


TAIPAN has introduced a new rubber compound used in the moulding of the soles of all of our boots. This new rubber compound incorporates crushed walnut shells to provide maximum slip resistance to our boots.

The best quality leather, for the best quality boots

There are 4 types (i.e. quality) of leather. Full grain leather is the best quality leather you can use on footwear. Anything else, by any other name, is of a lesser quality. Full grain leather refers to hides that have not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed (as opposed to top-grain or corrected leather) to remove imperfections (or natural marks) on the surface of the hide.

Offering the lightest and most flexible solution

Advanced textile composites such as those manufactured by Lenzi S.p.A. are fast becoming the industry standard for puncture resistant devices in protective footwear. Several of the footwear brands present in the fire services market are using such materials because they provide enhanced flexibility, do not readily transfer of heat or cold, and, hence, offer the potential for a more comfortable boot.

Taipan® has taken this concept one step further with its patent pending MidsoleArmor™ solution, which combines a flexible advanced textile composite in the forefoot area with a stiff, supportive glass fiber reinforced composite from the arch back to the heel. This exclusive combination puncture resistant device/ladder shank/midsole provides full-coverage puncture resistance and thermal insulation for the bottom of the foot. MidsoleArmor™ is stiff and supportive in the heel and arch for stable footing on the ground or on the ladder, yet flexible in the forefoot, allowing your foot to flex naturally. The result is that with Taipan® boots, you get maximum comfort and maximum performance.

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Taipan is the ONLY Australian manufacturer of footwear for First Responders. Taipan uses the best raw materials from around the world and manufactures our products right here in Australia. Taipan offers the lightest, most comfortable footwear solutions for First Responders.

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ISO 9001:2015 certification

Java Footwear Pty Ltd, trading as Taipan Footwear, a manufacturer of footwear for the emergency services industry, announces that they have been certified under ISO 9001:2015 as of June 13, 2018. The company previously earned certification under ISO 9001:2008 in 2012 and has been audited and registered annually by SAI Global since 2012. International Organization […]

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